You can use WooCommerce with Autoresponder Max by utilizing Zapier to automatically provide data into Autoresponder Max.  To provide data to Autoresponder Max, the Zapier WooCommerce app must be used.

Before proceeding, please note the following:

From there, you will want to setup three Zaps for the three WooCommerce Triggers New OrderNew Order Status Change, and New Customer.  For each Trigger, follow these steps below:

  1. Log into Zapier (or create an account)
  2. Click on Make A Zap!
  3. Choose WooCommerce as the Trigger App
  4. Select the Trigger (either New Order, New Order Status Change, or New Customer)
  5. Follow the instructions for Setup Up Webhook and Test this Step.
  6. Choose Autoresponder Max as the Action App (you may have to go here first).
  7. Select the Action (more might be under show less common options).  The Action will correspond with the Trigger selected from WooCommerce, for New Order you will want Create Order, for New Order Status Change you will want Update Order, and for New Customer you will want New Customer.
  8. Press Connect a New Account, you will be prompted for your API Username and Password.
  9. Set Up Template will need to map the fields from WooCommerce to Autoresponder Max.
  10. Test this Step
  11. Turn on your Zap.

Once on, Zapier will start sending data into Autoresponder Max.  Please note, you will have to occasional import Products into Autoresponder Max.