UPDATE: The Autoresponder Max Magento 2 extension is available at the Magento Marketplace.  The extension can be installed either directly through the Marketplace or by following the extensions below.

To use Autoresponder Max with Magento 2 requires installation of a Magento Extension. Currently, this requires using the command line to add extensions.

To install the extension follow these steps:

  1. Run the following commands to add the Autoresponder Max repository, add the extension, and install it: 


    $> php composer.phar config repositories.autorespondermax composer \
    $> php composer.phar require autorespondermax/autorespondermax
    $> php composer.phar update


  2. Run the following command to upgrade the Magento database with changes from the new extension:

    $> php bin/magento setup:upgrade


  3. Log into your Magento Admin
  4. Setup your store within the Magento Admin under Stores → Configuration → autorespondermax.
  5. Provide your Autoresponder Max Username and Password
  6. Press Connect

A new store will appear within Autoresponder Max once you press Connect.  From there, you will be able to add new email campaigns and configure any store settings as needed.

Please note, that this extension will create a new Admin User with access to only the Web API endpoints provided by Autoresponder Max.  Please do not delete this user, or access to your store will be revoked and you will receive an email notification.