Autoresponder Max email campaign Abandoned Cart Recovery requires an association between a shopping cart and a customer or their contact information.  Depending on how your eCommerce platform handles shopping carts, the association of a cart with a customer can vary greatly.

With that being said, Autoresponder Max uses these data collection points:

  1. Advanced Tracking snippet added to your shopping cart page under the Advanced Tracking section of Autoresponder Max.
  2. Advanced Tracking snippet added to your order confirmation page.
  3. Autoresponder Max Newsletter Subscriber form.
  4. Viewing or clicking on an email sent from Autoresponder Max.
  5. Your store eCommerce platform "remembered" this customer either by creating an account or previously purchasing.

The points above each issue a unique cookie that tracks each unique customer and their shopping cart activity.  The presence of these cookies is what truly establishes this association between shopping cart and customer.  The lack of these cookies will mean no association can be made.

Even though the customer might not be logged in or no customer exists, their information will still be recorded.  Autoresponder Max does NOT require a presence of a customer record to have this data made available.  It may even be possible in the future for the shopping cart to be associated in the future, even though they had no previous customer record.

Autoresponder Max will not track customers using cookies if they have enabled Do Not Track (DNT) within their browser or they have specifically opted out with us.