It is possible in Volusion to link directly to a customer's shopping cart within the Abandoned Cart Recovery email campaign.  There is two techniques available.  The simplest is just to link to the shopping cart page, which works sometimes, but can vary if the customer is using the same browser as before.  The second way is to add a file on your store, from there you can link directly to that same shopping cart.  Uploading the file allows for the special cart identifier to be assigned to the customer that clicked on the link, which is not available within Volusion by default.  To do this, just simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download the integration file here.
  2. Unzip to extract the file ShoppingCartTransfer.asp
  3. Upload the ShoppingCartTransfer.asp file to your Volusion SFTP server under the home directory (/v)
  4. Add a link to the new file within your email campaign.  See below for an example.

 Code Snippet:

<a href="{{object.cart_id | escape_url | prepend:'/v/ShoppingCartTransfer.asp?CartID=' | tag_and_track_url!}}">Checkout</a>